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A Clients report is a company owner’s database with contact details of each and every customer that has ever used the services of his company via any order source (apps, web desk, operator app, third-party operator API, Taxi butler).

It is a unique tool to manage your clients, plan your marketing activities and raise your brand awareness by direct clientele targeting. You can use customer contact details to launch a referral/SMS campaign for specific users or send newsletters on discounts, holiday rates, new service types etc.

You can track and compare your client’s activity over several reporting periods, form a top client database for loyalty programs etc.

Based on the number of cancelled orders you can regulate cancellation fees and even request to block individual profiles should a client abuse the system by placing fake orders, using fraud cards, harassing drivers and whatnot.

Let’s have a look at Client reports values and the meaning behind them:

A. Passenger ID

Unique identification number of the customer generated by the system

B. Passenger source

Customer profile sources can be:

-External (for orders made from apps and web desk)

-Company (for orders made from operator app, third party operator API, Taxi butler)

C. Name

Name of the customer

D. Email

Email of the customer. Trip summaries are sent to this mail. The field is empty for orders from the operator app, web desk, Taxi butler

E. Phone

Customer contact number

F. Company note

A note not visible to the client that an operator introduces via the operator app. Let’s say an operator added a Client’s note via the operator app for a previously made order.

The system links the note to the account and the Client’s note field fills in automatically at the input of a new order for this client.

G. Profile state

It is the status of a customer profile. It can be:

-“Active” for a registered user (order is made through the app or web desk)

-“Invited” for unregistered users (order is made through operator app or third-party operator API)

-"Closed" for blocked customer profiles.

H. Total orders

The number of orders placed by a customer for the reporting period

I. Paid orders total (currency)

Total paid by a customer for the rides taken over the reporting period

J. Unpaid orders total (currency)

Total unpaid by a customer for the rides taken over the reporting period


Number of orders cancelled by an operator for a customer over the reporting period


Number of orders placed by a customer and cancelled by drivers over the reporting period


A number of orders ended due to the fact that the customer didn't show up (a driver can choose this reason if the customer doesn't get to the pick-up location for more than 5 minutes). For such cases, a customer will be charged a cancellation fee if set.


A number of orders cancelled if the customer decided not to go. For such cases, a customer will be charged a cancellation fee if set.


A number of orders cancelled by a customer when a driver is late for a pick up (when a driver is late for more than 3 minutes (of ETA) and distance from driver to pick up/customer location is more than 200 meters). For such cases, a driver is charged with a cancellation fee if set


Number of orders that are cancelled because the driver goes offline for more than 10 minutes


Number of instant orders cancelled due to the fact that NO driver was found (3 minutes for customer app and 15 minutes for operator app)


Number of pre-orders cancelled because they were never started. Pre-orders with no assigned drivers are cancelled at the pick-up time. Orders with assigned drivers are cancelled in 2 days after the pick-up time.


Number of customer orders that are finished with “Paid” status over the reporting period


Number of customer orders that are finished with “Unpaid” status for the reporting period

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