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A company owner may request a custom set of extra customer documents for their branded customer app.

There are multiple reasons additional customer docs may be required.

In some areas one of the legal requirements for a taxi business to operate is access to and storage of customer legal information.
In other areas prone to social unrests and/or with high criminal rating access to customer legal IDs and other documents is an extra measure  to secure driver safety.
Moreover, additional fields such as “date of birth” allows companies to target their clientele better (for ex: students, pensioners etc.)

You can specify which customer documents are required for your branded customer app even at the stage of completing сheck lists for the development of your branded apps. Active client may request the configuration of extra documents from (for Lolo:

Just specify the following data:

  • legal names of the documents in English and your native language

  • text or image

  • mandatory or optional

In case extra customer documents are set mandatory your clients will still be allowed to register a profile in your company. However, they will not be able to go through with booking your company services unless they fill out all mandatory data.

The app will notify clients on the requirement via a pop up window before the booking.    


Additional customer documents are only displayed in customer app. They are not logged in Client report or My hub.

You can also request to set additional fields for your branded driver app. Please, consult the article Additional documents in driver app for details.

NB: one-time configuration fee applies.

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