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All the data on company trips, driver and customer activity, operators and payments is stored in reports.

There are 5 types of reports available:

Generating reports

In order to export reports proceed to the Reports tab of My Hub. Choose “Add report” at the top left corner of the screen and select:

1.  Date range

2. Type/s of reports

Once that is done, just press “Add” and the report generation request will be submitted.

The requested report will appear in Status “New”. Give it some time and press “Refresh”. The report status should update for “Completed”.

If you have accidentally requested an extra report you can always void it by selecting “Cancel”

There are 2 options to retrieve Completed reports.

  • Direct download to your computer (Reports are downloaded to your computer in a CSV format and have to be open in Excel. For steps to convert consult How to open a CSV file in Excel?)

  • Upload to Google drive (Choose the google account that you want your reports to be exported to and launch the upload. Uploaded reports can easily be open and viewed in Excel).

Searching/sorting reports

Generated reports are stored in panel and easily searchable by :

1. Report type - just select the necessary report type in the dropdown list 

2. Type/from/to/status values from field “Search”:

Reports can be sorted by any column value : type/from/to/status.

Just hover over to the column Type for the option “Sort” to emerge. 

You can also use “Column chooser” to select/unselect report columns parameters to be visualised on panel.

Deleting reports

Once the report is successfully retrieved and you feel no further need to store it on your panel you can easily delete it. Just tap on the "more items" button next to the report and select “Delete”.

The navigation in reports is easy and smooth. Data is searchable by filters and manageable by any user familiar with standard Excel commands.

Just some tips to handle Excel docs:

1. Click with the Cursor to #1 to select all the table.

2. Put the cursor between the columns A and B, once the cursor will be in black color, click twice, then the order of the columns and rows will be compatible.

3. In the option “View” select Freeze rows, then Freeze rows 1.

4. To activate Filters click where the cursor #4 is showing.

You may consult on report terminology in Orders report guide, Drivers report guide, Clients report guide, Operators report guide, Payments report guide, Drivers transactions reports.

Good luck with managing your company data via reports!

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