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Payments reports are designed to keep track of all transactions or transaction attempts made by the system during the stage of pre-authorization or at the end of the ride.

A. Payment ID

Unique identification number of the payment (payment attempt) generated by the system

B. Date

Date and time of payment (payment attempt). At this very moment, funds are authorized (in case of pre-authorization) or are captured (charged) from the customer's credit card or driver’s credit card when the driver tops up his balance via the app.

C. Payer type

Payer type indicates who has actually made a payment. There are two parameters that appear in this column: driver or customer.

D. Payer ID

Unique identification number given to the payer.

E. Payer Name

Name of the customer or driver who makes the payment.

F. Payer Phone

Phone number of the customer or driver who makes the payment.

G. Payer Email

Email of the customer or driver who made the payment.

H. Method

This column states the payment method used to pay for services. It might be: 1) CREDIT_CARD, 2) CASH, 3) THIRD_PARTY, 4) TERMINAL.

I. Status

Current status of the payment. Here is the list of payment statuses:

  1. AUTHORIZED (in case pre-authorization funds have been authorized but still have not been released)

  2. AUTHORIZED_VOIDED (in case pre-authorization funds have been authorized and have already been released)

  3. PAID (actual payment has been taken from credit card)

  4. REJECTED ( a) payment has been rejected and funds have not been taken from credit/debit card b) partial charge of the pre-authorized sum; the charged sum is shown in J. Amount)

  5. REFUNDED (charge and refund transaction at the stage of credit card verification)

  6. PROCESSING (the payment is in the process)

  7. NO_FUNDS (the payment has failed due to no funds on the credit/debit card)

J. Amount

The exact amount of money that has been charged.

K. Currency

ISO currency code. It is the code of the currency of My Hub.

L. IP Address

The IP address of the payer’s device.

M. Card

Last 4 digits of the payer’s credit/debit card. NB: this cell is filled only if the payment method is CREDIT_CARD.

N. Reference ID

Order ID of the order in terms of which transaction or transaction attempt has been made.

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