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What is customer Wallet ?

Customer Wallet supports the concept of a prepaid balance that a customer can use to cover order cost.

How to enable customer Wallet ?

Wallet is enabled on Merchant level. Every merchant can have its own Wallet. To enable Wallet access tab Merchant of your Brand > select sub tab “Wallet” and tap “TURN ON”

Once activated it becomes available for all companies linked to the merchant.

Wallet can not be deactivated as it may bring irrevocable damage to correlated payment processes.

How to top customer Wallet up ?

Customer Wallet can be topped up in two ways:

1. By card

2. By top-up coupons

1. Customer Wallet top-up by card:

1. A company’s brand manager activates a payment gateway for company as per instruction in the video Adding a payment gateway

2. Tap on “Top up wallet” on the top of the first screen or access tab “Wallet” via side menu

3. Tap on “Card”, add a card as per instructions in the post , specify the top-up sum and press “Top up balance”.

2. Customer Wallet top-up with coupons

A customer can top their Wallet balance up with coupons directly from the app.

1. Tap on “Top up wallet” on the top of the first screen or access tab “Wallet” via side menu

2. Tap on “Top up Code”, add the proper top-up coupon code and press “Activate coupon”.

How to generate and manage customer Wallet top-up coupons ?

To activate Top-up coupons service access My Hub, proceed to tab “Applications and services”, find “Top-up coupons” in available services and press “SUBSCRIBE”.

Once the service is activated, “Promotions” will contain sub tab “Top-up coupons”.

1. To generate customer Wallet coupons enter the sub tab “Top-up coupons” and press “CREATE”. On the pop-up window specify coupon value + number and tap ”CREATE”.

2. One can create a great many top-up coupon packages. Added packages are grouped by value. The package with the smallest top-up value is placed on top of the list.

3. Each coupon package shows General coupon statistics on the following metrics:

  • Created (number of top-up coupons generated in the package)

  • Used (number of top-up coupons added by customers to Wallet balance)

  • Unused (number of active top-up coupons not yet added by customers to Wallet balance)

4. To review all top-up coupons within a package tap on “Show coupons”. Each generated coupon is assigned a unique code and can have one of the 3 statuses:

-Active (not used by a customer to top Wallet balance up)

-Used (used by a customer to top Wallet balance up )

-Cancelled (disabled by company manager for any internal reason/purposes)

5. One can apply a filter to review all Active, Used and Cancelled top-up coupons and download the filtered coupons in CSV format.

6. One can search for this or that coupon by its name via the search field. “Eye” icon allows to adjust coupons data display

7. To cancel an active top-up coupon, tap on the “more items” button and on the “cross” to cancel it. Cancelled top-up coupons can not be reactivated. They become invalid and can not be used for Wallet balance top-up.

8. In case you need to add more top-up coupons of the same value access the required package, tap on ADD COUPONS, specify the number of coupons and press ADD

How to distribute top-up coupons ?

Companies can use multiple online and offline options to distribute top-up coupons.

Among others, popular offline promotion channels are branded booklets/leaflets/flyers, local print media, local Radio Station, QR code stickers, Billboards and posters

Some of the popular online promotion channels are online Landing page, social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), press release in media, Google Ads, SMS or push notification campaigns, influencers

The number of top-up coupons per customer is not limited.

How is customer Wallet balance used ?

By default Wallet is selected as preferred payment method and is used automatically to cover trip cost on the following conditions:

  1. If the drop-off is added (this secures trip estimate provision and required for card payment method as well)

  2. Wallet balance equals or is higher than that of trip estimate/fix (for example: if Wallet balance is $5 the order will go through for any trip with estimate/fix up to $5.

Insufficient Wallet funds cases

1. If trip estimate/fix exceeds Wallet balance the order will be processed on an alternative available payment method (priority to cards over other methods remains).

2. If the final trip cost is higher than the estimate and is above Wallet balance the Wallet will accumulate a debt. The debt amount is displayed on the Wallet. (for example: Wallet balance is $5, estimate is $4, final trip cost is $7.5. After the trip the Wallet balance will show -2.5$.

Further trips on Wallet are prohibited until the debt is covered. Until then the customer can place orders on an alternative payment method (card, cash, terminal).

How to review Wallet transactions ?

Customer can review the history of Wallet transactions (credits and debits) in sub tab Transactions of his Wallet

Merchant name is shown in customer app Wallet. Make sure to edit Merchant name in your merchant settings if a more presentable notion is required.

After a trip on Wallet the charged funds are credited to a driver’s balance.

To learn more on split payments and cancellation fees charges consult the post Split payments with customer Wallet

We hope your customer user experience with Wallet will be even more pleasant!

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