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A customer may store all the credit/debit cards to be used for services on card payments in “Payment methods” sub tab of their profile.

Tap on “More items” icon of your customer app and find “Payment methods” folder in your side menu list. Access the folder to add your first card.

Tap on “Add card” and specify valid card credentials. Finalise by selecting “Add card” at the bottom of the screen and, upon validation, the card will be added.

A user may add as many cards as they like following the same flow.

Every last added credit card is set as “Default”. This means that it will be charged at the end of the trip for services operating on credit card payment method.

You can set a new default credit card by preselecting it with a tap. At this point the green “checkmark” appears in front of the card and the card is set as default.

“Delete” card option is available if you have 2 and more cards in your “Payment methods”. One can not delete a credit card in case it is the only one available. Any number of cards can be deleted on condition that at least one remains.

To delete a card swipe left and the card will be automatically removed.

In “Payment methods” tab a you can also specify the default “tip” % to be applied for trips on the credit card payment method. Just select the % you need and it will be automatically added to all your trips. Default tip value may be adjusted at any time.

Please consult the post How to leave tips to drivers for more details.

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