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Tipping a driver is automated with Onde platform! A customer can add tips for all credit card payment trips directly from their app.

“Tip” option can be activated in service type settings.

Proceed to tab “Service types” of your company panel, access any service type, choose “Payment methods”, enable “Allow customer to tip” and press “Save”.


Both “Fixed cost” and “Allow customer to tip” options can not be set for the service. Showing "Fixed cost" before the trip and a different sum at the end due to tip addition would be bad UX.

Tip range allowance is from 5 to 30% of trip cost.

A passenger may set a standard tip % for this or that service in the “Payment methods” folder of the app.

Tap on “More items” icon of your customer app, find “Payment methods” folder in your side menu list, access the folder and set the “Default tip” value you need.

If “Default tip” is added, every time the service on credit card payment method is booked the tip will be added to the trip total automatically. The customer will also see the notification on the applicable tip during the trip.

“Default tip” can be amended by changing the tip % or by disabling it altogether:

- from “Payment methods” folder

- any time during the trip until the driver “swipes to finish”.

In case no “Default tip” is added but the service has “Tip” option activated the customer will be offered to add a tip during the ride

A customer may review every trip details and cost breakdown in the tab “My orders” of his app as well as Trip summary sent to client email.

As for tipping drivers for trips processed on “cash” and “terminal” payment methods this can be done outside the system. A customer just leaves the tips directly to a driver.

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