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Driver plans help company owners to automate driver commission. Naturally you can put different drivers on different plans. The feature allows you to manage the driver’s fee and rate according to your preferences.

Creation of a new plan

Any plan is created in the "Driver plans" tab of My Hub. Simply press on “Add plan”. Let’s configure a sample of any plan and go through it in detail:

Creation of a new plan

Per this plan any driver will have his balance charged for 50$ every month, which allows to take 50 “free” orders. Any order above 50 will be charged as followed:

  • 2$ for orders from customer app

  • 2$ for orders from operator app

According to this plan, company owner charges drivers with a 1% cash/ terminal/credit card/third party payment system transaction fee depending on the payment method a customer chooses to pay for the trip. Transactions fees apply to "free" orders (first 50 orders included in to $50 monthly charge ) as well.

Please note that all of the plan parameters are optional, so you can leave any of them out and combine different fees.

Subscribing the drivers

After all the details of a new plan are in place, you can choose the drivers you want to work on this plan. You can  open this new subscription, go to "Other drivers" and check all drivers you want to subscribe to this plan.

Alternatively you can select any driver's profile in "Drivers" tab, press on "Current subscription plan" and select the subscription plan from drop down list.

In case you need subscribe a driver to any other existing plan, reopen it and choose an appropriate worker. Then you will see the date driver will start working on the plan. Please, note if plan was archived, its status will become “Pending”.

Subscription of a driver to the archived plan

Remember that driver must not start a new plan until the old one is over. You can not delete a driver from the plan as well. The only possibility is to remove a driver from a plan is to move him to another plan or totally delete him from My Hub and restore again.

By the way billing period of the suspended drivers freezes as well.

Plan management

Once added, you can not delete plan from My Hub anymore. If nobody is subscribed to a plan, the system will archive it. Nevertheless you can always reactivate the archived plan. After you add a driver to it, plan will become “Pending” and “Active” once the old one terminates.

Commission charges from the driver in the transactions tab

Remember that plan is required to make credit tab active for your drivers. In other case drivers won’t be able to make in-app payments or upload payout details.

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