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Every driver in the system gets an account with the balance. You can put your drivers on a monthly, weekly, daily or per-order based subscription. All the subscriptions are constantly repeated until you subscribe driver for another plan. If a driver is set on per-order based subscription, his balance will be charged every time he takes a job. You can also combine per-period and per-order fees in one subscription.

Refilling driver balances

Drivers can top up their accounts in two ways:

  • Right from the driver app via credit card payment on your merchant account (Please note, a driver will only see the “Credit” option in the side menu if he has a subscription);

  • Bring cash to the office and a company administrator can top up their balance manually from My Hub

Please note: Once driver’s balance is negative, he will receive notification "You will not able to accept jobs since your credit is negative. Please add credit to continue work. You can contact the company administrator should you have any questions". If driver is online the very moment balance becomes negative driver goes offline automatically. Driver also receives email with notification on negative balance. 

Commission from the orders paid in cash

When customer pays your driver with cash, all the money goes to the driver’s pocket. That’s why billing system registers the payment but does not top up driver balance with the total received. It calculates order fee and charges it from the balance instead. So if your company receives cash/terminal payments only and drivers with negative balance are not allowed to work, advise your drivers to top up their balances before starting the shift.

Cash payments flow


"Order fee" sum/per cent is set individually for each driver plan

Commission from the orders paid with credit card

If a customer pays for the trip with a credit/debit card, system registers the payment and fill driver’s balance with it. Then the system calculates order commission and charges it from the balance. While receiving credit cards payments, driver can use them to cover commission for cash/terminal jobs or fees per period. You can configure an automated driver payout and transfer earnings of the drivers to their bank accounts.

Credit card payment flow

So basically your driver always keeps cash and company gets commission through the balance. System makes all calculations and takes care that all commissions are charged in time.

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