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One of the steps to secure successful fleet operations is an efficient configuration of Driver settings. Driver settings apply to whole driver fleet regardless of service type.

Access tab “Company management” of My Hub, proceed to section Drivers hover over to the “DRIVER SETTINGS” box and tap on it to access.

Allow sign up via driver app

Tick this option to let drivers join your company directly from their apps. All they need to do is download your app from App store or Play Market, fill in basic profile data and submit an activation request to your company.

New driver profiles will appear in “Waiting for activation” status. To activate such drivers, follow the steps in the article How to handle a driver's activation request 

Note: “sign up via driver app” is available for companies in production mode only.

Allow driver to change his/her details

If this option is on, you drivers can edit their personal information (phone number, name, email address etc.) and car details (model, colour, production year etc.) directly from their apps. If it is switched off, driver profile data can only be changed by admin from My Hub. 

Show other drivers on the map

If enabled, your drivers will see other company fleet drivers on the map in their apps. 

Require a driver to add a personal photo on signup

If the checkbox is activated your drivers will be required to add a personal photo at profile registration.

Require a driver to add a car photo on signup

If this option is activated driver car photo upload is mandatory.

Note: Driver and car photos are stored in My Hub. Both images are available to company managers for review and update if necessary. 

Show drivers on the map in booking apps

If enabled your customers will see available drivers on the map in their apps and web desks.

This makes a client sure that there are drivers in proximity to accept the booking.

Allow drivers to send credits to each other

If the option is active your drivers will be able to send credit to each other. Credit sharing is handy for cases where a driver has no way to affect an instant balance top up. All credit transfers are stored in driver’s transaction history within both driver app and My Hub.

Always allow drivers to take jobs

By default min balance for drivers to take jobs is set at “0”. You can put any positive or negative figure as minimum for drivers to take jobs. If a driver’s balance runs low they will see an alert to add credit. 

With checkbox “Always allow drivers to take jobs” enabled drivers are allowed to take jobs with any balance figure.

Allow drivers to view the heatmap

Heatmap is a useful tool to track “hot order zones” within a company’s working area. If you switch this option on, your drivers will see zones where service demand exceeds the number of available drivers and relocate accordingly.

Drivers will get instant orders within max: x km

Maximum driver radius defines a driver’s working area. Drivers will only get ASAP jobs if they originate within their working radius. A driver is allowed to reduce their working radius directly from the app.

Setting an efficient driver radius is a must to secure that drivers don’t get jobs miles from their original location.

Now you are armed with all the necessary knowledge to set your drivers to work!

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