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As explained in the article "How to add drivers" you can add new drivers through a company panel and create their profile manually.

You can also allow your drivers to register through their apps. For that open your company panel, choose tab "Drivers", find "Driver settings" and tick "Allow driver signup via driver app".

Now your drivers will be able to send their requests for activation through their driver app.

Once the driver downloads the driver app he will have to sign in and fill in all the requested info to be sent to the company he wants to join. Having submitted the request for activation he will see the following :

Now that the driver's request has been submitted the request has to be accepted and processed following the next steps:

a. Go to the tab "Drivers" in your company panel and select the sub tab "Waiting for activation"

b. After that  press on the driver's name to open his/her profile. Review the information driver provided and add the driver's vehicle type from the drop down list "Vehicle type" Then press on the "Activate" button.

c. At this stage the driver's status will change to "Invited "

d. Now the driver's "Activation request" has been processed, so, the driver can enter his app and start his first shift. Once he has done that, his status in your company panel will change from "Invited" to "Active".

All done! Your driver's request for activation has been successfully processed and you have a new member of your fleet now.

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