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"Heat map" in Operator and Driver apps is one of the top notch monitoring tools the platform offers. It allows to track “hot order zones” within a company’s working area.

A “hot zone” is a spot where the number of submitted orders exceeds the number of available drivers whose working radius is within the zone.

Zones with sufficient drivers are not colored. The color of a zone with insufficient drivers depends on how big the gap between the number of created orders and drivers available to process them is. The brightest colored zones in Operator app and Driver app signal a huge lack of drivers as opposed to submitted orders. Such imbalance, obviously, results in lost orders.

“Heat map” color “radar” allows an operator to monitor “hot zones” and redirect drivers to cover them. Moreover, drivers can relocate as per the “hot zones” coloring on the map in their driver apps to process more orders. The map is renewed every 15 minutes.

Thus, “Heat map” is an ideal tool to monitor “hot order zones” which allows to:

  1. Track “hot spots” within a company’s operational area;

  2. Cover the operational area by drivers to secure minimum order loss for the reason of “No available drivers”;

  3. Analyse “hot zones” in time perspective (day, weekend, last week etc) and build possible prognosis of “hot spots”;

  4. Provide drivers with maximum “jobs” per shift.

“Heat map” for Operator app is activated in My Hub > Operators > Operator settings and does not depend on driver radar setting status ("show all drivers on the map" in Operator app).

Each operator can switch off/on the “Heat map” directly from Operator app.

For drivers the “heat map” is activated in My Hub > Drivers > Driver settings.

A driver can disable/enable the “heat map” visualisation directly from his app.

Enjoy the new experience your operators and drivers get using the scope of “Heat map” functionality to the full!

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