At the end of each finished ride company, customer and driver receive a Trip summary with detailed information about the order. Driver and customer receive it on condition that email is specified in the profile. Trip summary is sent to the email of the app user. In case the ride has not been finished due to any reason the invoice won’t be generated.

Trip summary consists of several elements:

  1. Logo of your company (the one uploaded to My Hub);
  2. Date of order creation;
  3. Image of the ride track;
  4. Information on pickup, drop-off location, vehicle, payment;
  5. Company information;
  6. Order ID
  7. Date of billing.

The system does not generate trip summary in case the driver or customer cancel the ride. If certain cancellation fee is configured, a user’s account will be charged without any notification. And finally, when order is created via operator app or web desk system does not send trip summary to customer. 

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