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“Brand settings” tab allows a Brand manager to manage major Brand related links and configurations.

App name and logo

This data can only be updated by our app development team upon request. It involves changes on stores as well as metadata and graphics update fees. If interested, please, drop a message to

NB: Update of any other data in “Brand settings” section does not affect any changes on Apple store and Play Market

A Brand manager is entitled to update the following brand settings:

  • All the content of “Get in touch" section for customer and driver apps:


(Brand contacts for customers to reach the company)

Phone number


Social media

Facebook URL

Twitter URL

Instagram URL

Vkontakte URL

Legal info

Terms URL

Privacy URL

Copyright URL

  • Customer support links

“Contact support” button in Customer and Driver apps allows customers and drivers to contact support directly from the branded apps.

“Driver portal" buttons in Driver apps help to redirect one’s drivers to ​​own forum/knowledge base. “Contact support and driver portal" buttons in branded apps post provides further details.

  • Restrictions

Don't share orders with other brands

- if the checkbox is disabled and there are no drivers within brand companies to accept the order it can be shared with other brands (if available in the area of the request).

- In case the checkbox is enabled the orders can not be sent to other brands’ drivers even if there are no drivers in your brand to process the order.

Show cost estimation

- if the checkbox is enabled customers will see trip cost estimate in their apps

Show estimated time of arrival

- if the checkbox is enabled customers will see ETA in their apps

Work with pre-orders only

- if the checkbox is selected the customer app will not show “Book now” button and allow customers to place pre-orders only.

Show “become a driver” button

- If the checkbox is activated 'Become a driver' button will be displayed in the side menu of the branded customer app. Upon click on the button a customer will be redirected to the store to download the Driver app of the related brand.

  • White label settings

Brand technical name

Web App URL

Consult the post Brands to get more insights on the concept and logic behind the notion!

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