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White Labeled branded customer or driver app secures your company’s exclusivity, recognition and strong position on the market. To start the development of your branded apps is necessary to follow the next steps.

Provide name and description of your app

You need to fill the checklist - a particular document with information about your branded app. The checklist link will be provided by your account manager. Below you can find several tips on how to fill the document. While preparing your checklist, carefully review all the information to omit app description updates on stores in the future.

Prepare logo and icon

Before development of the branded apps you need to provide: 1. Logo; 2. Customer Icon; 3. Driver Icon. Please remember that customer and driver icons have to differ visually. While preparing this graphic data, please forward the following rules:

  • A logo has to be in Vector format (Adobe Illustrator or any other professional graphic vector editor)

  • All logo fonts have to be converted to curves

  • A logo has to allow nice and easy conversion into icon

  • A logo should be easily converted into monochrome

  • A logo should have a usage guide attached

Submitted graphic data has to be in vector format (Ai, Eps, Pdf, Svg). The following options are acceptable as well:

  • Png format with transparency, min height of 1024px

  • Layered Psd, with min height of 1024px

To prepare splash screen (starting screen of the app), we need background image for your logo. Following criteria should be met:

  • Size from 2600x2600 to 3840x3840

  • Either vector format (Ai, Eps, Pdf, Svg)

  • Or raster format (layered Psd)

  • Aspect ratio 1:1

You can use splash screen without background image as well. You decide

Make bottom part of the splash screen clear and free of text information. This is important as this place is restricted for the app version / loading circle. Check the screenshot below

Add graphics preview (jpeg, png, pdf - any format) just to be sure we are on the same page. This will make us 100% sure we understand your vision of the final output. Do not forget - graphics is super important

Please note that raster image (png, jpeg etc.) inserted into Ai (or any other vector format) does not become vector by being placed into a document/file created in graphic editor. It still remains a file of raster graphic.

Poor quality/small raster image sized up to meet the required size will not qualify. Resizing will only cause image quality loss and subsequent pixelation.

We strongly advise to prepare your graphics with professional designer. This is a complex work which should be done properly.


To make an advance payment of 50% of the development cost. There are several payment options to top up company balance: via wire transfer or making a transaction through the My Hub (credit/debit card).

Once you pass all these steps, development team will start preparation of the apps.

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