In case a company has its own support ticketing system and driver's forum/knowledge-base they can add related links for redirect from their branded app!

“Contact support” button in Customer and Driver apps allows customers and drivers to contact their own support directly from the branded apps.

“Driver portal" buttons in Driver apps help to redirect one’s drivers to their ​​own forum/knowledge base.

In case you have your own support ticket system and driver forum you are welcome to register the following links in the Brand setting of your Brand:

Customer app support link = own customer support services for customers

Driver app support link = own customer support services for drivers

Driver portal support link = own forum/knowledge base for drivers)

The links are added to the Get in touch section of your branded Customer and Driver apps.

A tap on the relative buttons redirects customers and drivers from the apps to the related support or driver portals.

Get more details on brand and brand settings in the post Brands.

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