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You can place the Web App widget on your own web site or partner with the major local portals and implement it there. It is also convenient to give it to hotels and restaurants, so they can help out their customers to hail a cab.

For this configuration you can copy the solution from . The Web App URL (you can take it from My hub) of your brand should be inserted into the iframe link.

Example: let's say my company's name is Otaxi. I have my branded customer app accessible with the url I need just inject Iframe with Web App branded url into my page HTML markup. Like this:

In order to enable current user location you have to add attribute "allow=’geolocation’" in the code. This is an important part to provide good UX to your users.

The Web App will be shown in the language of your web browser. If our system has not been translated into your language, English version will appear as default.

Drop us a message on (for Lolo: and propose to make additional translation for your country.

In case you need to see the booking form in the language different from your web browser, add ?lang=(code of the language according to the ISO 639-1) at the end of your Web App URL. For example ?lang=es:

Congratulations! Web App booking set up is complete!

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