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Web App is a module that allows users to order a service through a simple web application in browsers (mobile and desktop).

It works on computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.

One can:

- partner with hotels and restaurants to book services via the Web App widget

- place Web App widget on own website

- partner with major local portals and place the Web App on them

Major Web App characteristics include:

Authorisation with a mobile phone number

Physical location auto detection within 5 sec (if location access in browser is allowed)

Single login within the same browser and computer

Custom place name for the pick-up location

Multiple services types availability

Instant orders on regular and hourly rates

Pre-bookings up to 7 months in advance

Estimated route on the map, expected time and mileage en route

Approximate trip cost visualisation

Option to leave a note to driver

Driver vehicle and contacts display

Order status updates visualisation

Cash and terminal payment methods

Possibility to book multiple trips at a time

PWA technology that allows one to add Web App to home screen and open in one click

Opened in the language of your web browser

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