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What is customer credit card transaction fee?

Most payment gateways have transaction fees conditions for every credit/debit card transaction processed on merchant owner’s account.

For example, Braintree's standard processing fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, Stripe charges a flat rate of 2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge.

To reimburse credit card transaction fees imposed by payment gateways our system allows company owners to put transaction fees on customers.

Where is customer credit card transaction fee shown?

Customers are fully aware of the additional transaction fee that will be applied if credit/debit card payment method is chosen to pay for the trip as the fee is displayed:

-when selecting a tariff for a new order:

-on Trip summary sent to customer and booking receipt in the app as a separate transaction as part of total cost breakdown:

Transaction fee is also logged:

- in operator app trip history as part of cost breakdown;

- in reports and analytics as a part of total charged from customers.


Transaction fee applies for Customer wallet top-up with credit cards.

How to activate customer credit card transaction fee?

To activate the transaction fee proceed with the following steps:

1. access your Brand

2. proceed to the required Merchant

3. go to the section Payment gateways

4. access the Payment gateway you need

5. hover over to the Transaction fee configuration fields

6. specify fee value in set figure/ % or both and "SAVE" the configuration

Transaction fee fields are only active in case:

a. valid merchant account keys are activated in Payment gateway settings of the Merchant

b. credit/debits cards payment method is selected in “Payment methods” of the Tariff

A fee can be % or fixed or both.

Transaction fee input format:

- for % allow two digits after comma, placeholder "0,00"

- for currency allow two digits after comma, placeholder "0,00"

How is customer credit card transaction fee calculated and charged?

If the trip cost is “Fixed” as per tariff settings or estimated (with drop off provided) the system pre authorises the pre calculated trip amount PLUS transaction fee value.

For fixed cost rides transaction fee value is fixed before the trip.

For estimated cost rides transaction fee value is recalculated at the end of the trip if the cost changes and the fee is set in %.

Read more on covering any additional charges associated with local policies and regulations such as VAT, tax etc in Customer additional fee post.

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