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In some areas there is a legal requirement: a customer app can not be used unless it has a valid credit card added to it. To comply with the above requirement we can activate the following option for your branded customer app: “Card sign up: Required”. If activated, “Card sign up: Required” will apply to all your customers.

New clients

Every customer who downloads your branded app will have to add a valid credit card to complete the registration and activate his/her account. Credit card screen will appear as a last step of customer registration as below:

Once a customer adds his card details and presses “Add Card” the card will be verified. If the verification is successful, the button “Next” is activated (becomes green). By tapping on “Next” a customer will complete his account registration and will be transferred to the main screen where he can make his first booking.

Old clients

If you activate the option, your old clients will be auto logged out of their customer apps. When they try to log in they will see the same screen with “Add credit card” requirement as above. They will only be able to log into their accounts and use your services if they attach a valid credit card to the app.

If you want “Card sign up: Required” activated for your brand just drop a note on support and we will process your request within 24 hours.

NB: “Card sign up: Required” helps to collect customer cancellation fees efficiently. Please, consult our support article on fees Cancellation fee logic. It is also handy with services where “Automatically charge credit card” payment method is enabled. Address our support article Configuration of the payment methods for details.

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