At the very first launch of Android driver app the "Background restrictions" screen is generated. The same screen emerges at the very start of each shift when a driver goes online unless he selects “Skip and never show again”.

A driver can also access the same screen via the side menu of his app:

Tab "Settings" > "Background restrictions". The message at the top of the screen states: “if you want to receive order suggestions when the app is minimized make sure your phone battery optimizations are off”.

A driver should go through the list of all optimizations and disable them (the number of optimizations on different devices may differ)

In case a driver chooses to leave the optimizations enabled this may result in:

1. app being killed in the background mode which causes deviated order tracks and incorrect trip cost calculations for orders processed on estimations.

2. app not receiving new offers in the background mode

3. driver shift statistics miscalculated

Check the post on How to keep driver app running in the background for more tips.

Another important post to share with your drivers is Phone notifications settings for drivers to get new jobs.

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