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Driver app is a powerful technological solution with a lot of internal processes and data. To optimise your drivers’ working experience you might want to share the following tips with them.

Do not kill your app

If you open a driver app and see a splash screen this means that your app was “killed” rather than worked in the background. Some drivers complain that their app auto closes which leads to them missing out on orders. However, driver app never closes by itself. It can be closed in two ways:

  1. by driver himself

  2. by smartphone

Driver app may be closed by the smartphone if:

- battery power saving mode is enabled

- there is not enough RAM memory

- "heavy" applications (games) are running while on shift

To ensure driver app uninterrupted operation a driver should not use/download unnecessary apps on shift and clear out mobile phone cache regularly.

For Huawei device owner, please, make sure that the steps in the post How to keep an app running in the background are followed.

Monitor jobs in sleep mode

With phone in sleep mode Driver app still works in the background. There is no need to restart the app to get jobs. Beware that job alert is LESS loud in sleep mode, so make sure to put top phone volume. We highly advise drivers to monitor their phone status on shift not to allow its switch to sleep mode for too long. It’s your working tool which should be active and alert.

Another important tip to share with your drivers is Phone notifications settings for drivers to get new jobs

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