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'Order list' is located in the left side of operator app interface.

All orders are split into two categories - ASAP and Pre-orders.

Order sorting

  • Instant orders are sorted by the date and time of creation (the most recent are at the top of the list)

  • Pre-orders are sorted by the pick up time (the closest to pick up are at the top of the list) 

  • Alerts (marked red) are always on top of the list (red dots correspond to warnings inside current filtered list)

  • Unassigned/cancelled orders turn to alerts (marked by red snowflake)
    within 2 minutes 

  • Unassigned Instant orders get archived within 3 minutes (default time for driver search)

  • Unassigned Pre-orders stay in alert status till the date and time of the pick up

Order search

Order Search allows you to check non-archived orders (pending in operator app) orders in any status for the last 3 hours. After 3 hours all orders get archived  (basically it checks orders from the front side where max 3 hour old orders are kept , not requesting a response from the server where all orders are logged and stored). 

Search filter works by:

- driver (phone number/board number)
- order ID
- customer (phone number)
- pick up or drop off address
- operator’s name

Order archive

Archive is equivalent to old “search”.
Archive is used to search for any orders (a request to server is made) thus, it takes longer to respond. For any recent orders (within the last 3 hours) it is recommended to use "Search" as it is much faster to get a response.

Archive filter works by:

- driver (phone number/board number)
- order ID
- customer (phone number)

Order Filter

Both Instant and Preorders can be filtered by Statuses.
All chips ON == all chips OFF (show all orders of this category)

One can enable a filter to display a list of orders within any or a combination of below statuses. Just Select Order type (Instant or Pre-order) and tap on the statuses in which you need to review the orders. The smart list gets auto updated as per selected statuses.

Assigned (only for Preorders)
Unassigned (searching)
On trip (all orders, that are not finished, cancelled or searching)
Cancelled (cancelled regardless of the order source)
Finished (finished payed and finished unpaid)

Consult the article on Order routes and booking history in operator app to get more insights into Operator App logic. 

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