You can set a Custom name for "shared code" coupons within Referrals and Coupon programs.

You can give your coupons any name to target:

1. Specific audience (Students)
2. Social Event (Charity fair)
3. Holiday (Christmas)

Major rules:

  • custom coupon names can be set for “Shared code” only.
  • for “Personal codes” the system generates multiple codes in a random way. 
  • secondary coupons within Referral programs can not be custom-named as they are auto generated as well
  • custom “Shared code” is unique for every brand. 

This means that a client can not run 2 campaigns on 2 panels with the same custom code. The system will NOT allow you to set identical code for 2 panels.
Only once the Referral/Coupon program has expired/is terminated one can create another one with the same code. 

Let’s set a sample Coupon program with a custom coupon name:
Access your company panel, go to tab Promotions (mind to activate the service in Applications and Services tab), select Coupons, press ADD and fill in the data on your new program:

1. Name
2. Expiration date (optional)
3. Select “Shared code”
4. Fill in the code you need, for ex : “CHRISTMASDAY”
5. Specify number of coupons with this code you want to create (for ex 100)
6. Choose discount metric : currency or % (for ex in USD)
7. Set the value of discount (ex $10)
8. Coupon expiration date (optional)
9. Press ADD to finalise

Now you need to launch the program by starting to share the Custom code.

Custom Coupon code are user-friendly and easy to share with clients within:

- email campaigns
- push notification campaigns
- promotions campaigns on Facebook, etc 

Good luck with making the most of your promotions with custom coupon names!

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