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Frequently operators need to perform multiple manipulations from operator app to ensure successful order processing. Among others are:

-assign a driver

-edit order details

-duplicate a trip

-cancel order

Here is a guide to managing orders from operator app:

1. Order source: CUSTOMER APP and WEB DESK

For all orders generated via customer app and web desk an operator

is authorised to:

- select “Assign to me” and manually remove or change the driver

- "Cancel order" once the driver choses "Start a ride".

is NOT authorised to:

-update customer details

-update pick-up and drop-off locations

-change the driver when order status is “Ride”

2. Order source: OPERATOR APP

For all orders generated via operator app an operator with unlimited access can:

-see orders of other operators

-press “Assign to me” and handle orders of other operators

-edit driver details

-edit customer details (only if the order is created by this operator)

-edit pick-up and drop-off (only if the order is created by this operator)

-cancel the order at any stage (only if the order is created by this operator)

-duplicate order of any operator at any stage of the order even when it has been cancelled by driver

Mind that operators with limited access do not see orders of other operators!


Order edit may result in 2 processes depending on which order data has been changed:


Driver search for the order will restart if an operator edits details that affect major characteristics of an order such as:

-driver (if the order has been accepted)


-service type


The system will restart the order to find a new driver that fits new characteristics as per intelligent queue algorithm.


The current order will be updated without the new driver search if an operator edits such characteristics as:

-driver (if the order has not been accepted yet)

-customer info

-drop-off location

-notes: 1) client note if the order has been accepted; 2) customer note if the order has not been accepted yet.

Please bear in mind that the order can be edited only before the actual trip starts.


Your customers can order a taxi when travelling to other places where other companies based on our platform are working.

For example, if two companies in Paris “provide service to travelers”, their operators will see orders made by travelers via the apps of other companies in their panel. An operator who will “assign to me” such an order first, will get it for his/her company. From this moment another company will still see this order in their operator app, however, it will not be able to assign it to its own drivers.

Learn more on cancelling orders and duplicating them.

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