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There are multiple reasons a customer might need to share their trip details with a third party. The link with trip data can be used to:

1. keep one’s friend/relative informed on the progress of the trip they are on

2. notify on one’s location for security reasons

3. allow to track the status of deliverables

The option to share the link to one’s trip is available from the moment the trip is in status “Accepted”.

A customer can share the link to their trip in 2 ways:

  1. copy the link and send it any preferred way

  2. share it via the app within options accessible on device

The link is opened in a browser and provides the same trip data as displayed in customer app, excluding the pricing information.

The link is available for 24 hours after the trip completion. After that it expires.

The trip link can be generated in :

Neutral domain is used for trip link URL.

There is no limitation on the number of time the link to trip can be shared.

The third party with which the link is shared can also send it on their behalf to yet another recipient.

Have a safe and monitored trip wherever you go!

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