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Our customer app aims at providing the best user experience. It works in any part of the world where our partners operate and allow “service to travellers”.

Not only it allows customers to use 1 application in different countries without downloading additional ones but also lets travelling tourists order your company services via partner apps.

To show your company services in the travelling apps access tab ”Company settings”, scroll down the page and make sure "Do not provide service to travelers" box is not checked.

In this case a travelling customer with partner branded app will see a message "Third party services available" in their app when in the operational area of your company.

Alternatively, if "Do not provide service to travelers" is checked, any incoming orders from travelling apps are banned. The pool of offers to drivers is limited to those originated from your own branded customer app.


“Service to travellers” feature does not hurt a company’s business in any way. On the contrary, it brings multiple benefits:

1. customer loyalty

2. positive user experience one get while travelling the world with 1 app

3. additional revenue from a pool of travellers on partner apps

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