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Key to successful business management is efficient administration of its internal sectors and processes. For ride hailing such sectors are : drivers, clients, operators, tariffs, billing, analytics etc. 

A company owner has to take care of multiple activities as part of their daily routine.

My Hub is a master dashboard where an owner attends to most business-related matters and conducts full control of operations. 

Handling big data and multiple activities (driver hire and commission charges, tariffs, promotions, company analytics, billing etc) sole-handedly is painstaking and inefficient.

Delegation of duties to other parties is a way to optimise business management flow. 

We have taken care of this by allowing to create USERS = company managers with different roles which have access to specific functionality within My Hub dashboard.

Such users are made in charge of specific operations as per rights granted within those roles.


There are 4 types of user roles:

1. Full access

2. Drivers & operations

3. Finance & accounting

4. Marketing


1. Full access user is My Hub supervisor with full access. Only this role has access to: merchant account, My Hub users, company settings

First “Full access” user = company owner is created and displayed in the “Users” tab at company registration. This user launches the process of adding other company managers. No other manager can delete company owner.

Once you add a new user and enable “Full access” check box the list of other roles is “greyed out” as all is included into “Full access” permission by default.

2. Drivers & operations user has access to drivers, operators and tariffs to view them and perform operations

This is the only role which has 3 permission levels depending on the rights a user is granted.  

The 3 permission levels are:




The rights these levels give are divided into:

1. Irrevocable - marked with a “check mark” by default

2. Revocable (optional) - activated by checking the box before them.

The screenshot below displays all 3 access levels and rights within them.

3. Finance & accounting  user has access to company financial information - driver plan management, reports and billing

4. Marketing user has access to company analytics, tariffs management and referral programs


You can create a USER with a combination of any or all of the three roles

Drivers & operations/ Finance & accounting/Marketing to manage different segments of your business.  

For example, as per screenshot below 1 USER  has all accesses and permissions within 2 roles Finance & accounting + Marketing


To add a new user:

1. access My Hub

2. proceed to tab “company management”

3. select subtab “Users

4. tap on “Add new user” button

5. enter user Name and Email address in dedicated fields

6. “select Role/s” the user will have

7. specify permissions within roles (if available)

8. Press “ADD” to finalise

Invitee will get an email with a link to access the My Hub with a delegated role.

First panel access is made via a standard phone number verification. Once the user verifies their mobile number by entering a 4 digit code received to it the access is authorised.

The panel is displayed as per granted permissions.

At this stage this user’s status in tab Users changes from Invited to Active.


A user can update their profile data in My Hub right sidebar by clicking on their profile picture.

The following profile data is editable:

-name and image


-phone number

-payment methods (for Full or Finance & accounting role)


Change of a company manager’s phone number or email requires verification.

-verification email code is sent to the new email

-verification phone code is sent to the new phone number


Company owner/admin who registered My Hub has a password.

All new company managers are created WITHOUT passwords. 

These users can create a password through the side menu of their profile and update it at any time.


Credit Cards are linked via “Payment methods” in company manager’s profiles side menu.  

To add the first card a company manager with Full or Finance & accounting access should :

-enter “Payment methods” in the side menu of their profile

-select “ADD CARD”

-introduce card data into related fields

-press “SAVE” to finalize

Once the card is added the manager can assign himself a “Billing owner”’s status and the added card becomes “Default”.

A billing owner’s default card is visible to all other managers with Full or Finance & accounting role and can be used to:

-top-up company balance 

-cover extra service fees

Any manager with Full or Finance & accounting access can:

-add and use another card via Payment methods 

-overtake the status to billing owner in profile > Payment methods and set their card as default


Billing owner’s default card is used for Automatic balance top up (in case activated in Billing > Plan and Balance).

Billing owner’s profile can not be deleted!!!


1. Any company manager with Full access is allowed to Launch service and Suspend account.

2. tab USERS is available for company managers with Full access (thus, only Full access user can add other users)

3. managers with any other access but Full see the panel as per their permissions and are only able to manage own profiles.

4. only managers with Full access can suspend and delete other users

5. company owner who registered company account can NOT be deleted

6. last company manager with Full access in tab Users can NOT be deleted

Good luck with optimising your operations via delegation of duties to your company managers!

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