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Company email is used for all types of communication emails between company and drivers/customers/operators. The following notifications are sent from company email:

-driver invites

-operator invites

-Trip summaries to customers and driver 

-copies of Trip summaries to company

If no company email is added, by default all your company emails are sent from

In order to allow email notifications from a personal company email company admin has to complete its activation process as per below steps.

1. Proceed to tab Company settings of My hub.

2. Hover over to the top right corner of the screen, tap "Edit" and fill in the email you want to link as your company email.

3. Press SAVE at the bottom of the window:

4. At this stage email is not verified. Tap "Verify" and access the inbox of the email you are verifying. In this email follow down the link to finalize verification process.

5. Once that is done, the email is Verified.

6. The last step is to tap “ACTIVATE” option.

Important: “Activate” button is available in production mode only. 

Thus, a personal company email can be linked once the account is moved to production. Any company notifications in demo mode are sent from

Consult a post Trip summary for details of sending trip receipts to drivers and customers.

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