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Operators have a great option of setting “Special cost” for rides originated in Operator app.

“Special cost” is a great tool to promote your “call-center” service, attract new operator app users and increase your business revenue.

“Special cost” can be set and updated by operator at any stage of the order before a driver swipes to “Start a ride” and the order status changes to “On a Ride”.

There are two types of “Special cost” from operator app:

a) “Fixed cost”

An operator specifies the exact sum for this or that trip, without setting a limit of km/mi and minutes on the ride. Such cost displays as “Fixed” on operator app screen and driver app.

All orders of this type will be processed on a fixed fare regardless of time or mileage on the trip.


An operator sets special cost, plus specifies the exact number of km/mi and minutes included into this special cost. Thus, he sets a limit for mileage and time included into this cost.

If a trip exceeds this limit the calculation will be carried on as per taximiter settings of the service type the order is processed on.

Setting special cost for reassigned orders

If the author of the order is allowed to set special cost as per his operator type permissions the operator who assigns the order to himself will also be able to set special cost. The table below shows general rules:

Reassigned from > to

Set special cost

Full access > Full access


Limited access > Full access


Public access > Full access


Partner access > Full access



Mind that an operator has a right to overrule the “Fixed cost” value that the system calculates for service types which work on fixed cost tariff.

Operator can set his own “Special cost”, higher or lower than the fixed value advised by the system.

Even if the order on the original fixed cost has been accepted by the driver the operator can update its value and the driver will just see the new “Fixed cost” on his app.

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