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You can now create 4 types of operators for your operator app with different access rights.

 * Partner access operator can create, view and edit orders for ALLOWED service types. 

Let’s look at the Partner access operator option:

  • Partner access operator option is for partners (hotels, restaurants, service stations) - any business who would like to book a taxi for their customers and include the charges into the service package provided (Ex: a hotel books a taxi for a customer and puts the cost on the room). 

  • Such orders will not require immediate payment as driver will finalise them on "Third party payment systems" method.

  • Driver balance will be auto topped for the sum of each trip taken on this method should he be on an active Subscription plan. 

  • Partners (hotels etc) should be billed/invoiced later on, based on the trips from report created by particular operator.

To activate a Partner access operator proceed as follows:

1. Log in to My Hub with your account credentials 

2. Set the service types that you want to work on “Third Party Payment Systems" method:

a. go to "Company management"
b. select "Services Types" tab
c. click on the service type that you want to work with "Partner access operator"
d. proceed to "Payment methods"
e. tick “Third Party Payment Systems"
f.  press "Save"
g. activate this method for as many service types as you need one by one.

3. Add a “Partner access operator”:

a. go to "Company management"
b. select "Operators"
c. enter a particular operator profile or create a new one by pressing "Add operator"
d. set "Partner access operator" option
e. tick the service types you want your operator to send orders on in "Allow next service types" ("All available" means all the services that have "Third party payment systems" method will be enabled)
f. press "Save"

All set! Now the created operator can log into your operator app and submit orders to the allowed services on “Third party payment systems" method.

At the end of the month/week etc :

  1. download Orders report

  2. filter per specific operator with Partner access 

  3. calculate total owed for the orders submitted by this operator

  4. invoice the partner (hotel etc)

Partner operator is a great tool to work with corporate clients. We hope you enjoy it!

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