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Let us go over the meaning behind driver app colour scheme “customisation”.

Driver app colour scheme is set by Onde designer based on the colours of the graphics a client submits for his/her branded app development. 

We select the colour scheme based on our expertise. The aim is to make your app into an efficient and user-friendly tool with minimum distraction to minor details and maximum brand colour compliance.

Should you decide that your driver app colour scheme needs changing, drop us a message to with a colour number you assume would be a better fit. The colour should contrast well with white.

On receipt of the colour number/s from you our designer will analyse the applicability and offer adjustments should the need arise. Once we receive your final approval we update your driver app colours within the next release in line.

Any change of the driver app colours scheme is processed on the confirmation of a small update fee .

If your brand colours are light shade, please abstain from using them and go for a shade darker to make your app UI more defined.

Check out the below screenshot for good and bad examples of colours scheme selection. Obviously, the right driver app exemplifies a poor choice of custom colours.


There is a number of “modules” on driver app which colour is default for all system users.

Default colours have been set to underline functionality behind them and carry a unified logic.

The list of default driver app colours is below:

1.Black is used for driver offline status

2.Green for instant/ASAP bookings

3.Blue for pre bookings

4.Red for “start a ride” and “finish a ride” 

We hope that custom colour scheme will give your app a new identity!

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