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Fixed fare zones is a solution that helps the company to charge set prices for moving from zone to zone. You can charge fixed rates for an airport trips, or a trips between districts. You can also set a priority for overlapping zones, allowing you to set a fixed rate for train station trips, while train station is located within a central city zone. It means, that the customer will pay fixed price for the ride from zone A to zone B and it does not matter from and to which point in these zones the customer is traveling.

If you create several particular zones in your operational area and the rest of it is free, then for the rides outside of the zones the customer will pay according to taximeter. Zones cannot overlap, but you can create zones inside zones as well. Eg you can set up main square location inside of zone Center.

Please note, that the feature applies only if the customer chooses drop off location. In other case taximeter fee will apply even if the rider will move between zones. By default drop off location is always optional, but it can be configured as required information to make an order. If you are interested, drop us message on support (for Lolo: Fixed rate zones configuration is available for the companies which use branded apps. Configuration fee applies. Please, be notified that the change will apply to all tariffs of your company.

Consult the article on How to draw fixed rate zones.

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