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Annulation of the trips is a natural part of the taxi business. A long range of circumstances may force customer or driver to say “sorry, I should cancel it”. Onde resolves such situations as fair as possible. If customer wants to cancel the order, he or she should always press >> Cancel >> Specify the reason as per the screenshot below:

However in the company reports you would find order status for order cancellation by a customer: "Decided not to go" and "No taxi".

If customer cancels the order when driver is late for more than 3 minutes then estimated time of arrival AND distance from driver to pickup location is more than 200 meters, the system will mark cancellation status as “No taxi”. In such a case the client won’t be charged with cancellation fee, because the reason of the annulation lies on the driver’s part.

Onde always identifies real geolocation of driver and customer. So if the driver presses arrived, but actually he is situated more than 200 m from the client’s location and has 3 min delay, customer cancellation will be recognized as “No taxi”. This algorithm secures customer from drivers' cheating.

In case the order status is “Decided not to go”, it means that rider cancelled the ride due to any other reason. It might be "Fare is too high", "Driver is too far away", "Vehicle doesn't fit class", "Just trying the app", "Changed my mind", "Custom reason" (with note). 

In such situation cancellation fee applies. Please, remember that to be able to charge client with cancellation fee before arrival of the driver, c/c information is required. If no c/c has not been added to the customer app, the system won’t be able to get fee physically.

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