Our clients ask a standard question: why should I pay for a branded passenger app when I can just as well work on PickmeApp? This article is to outline some advantages of purchasing your own branded passenger app (WL):

  • Brand identity: branded passenger app (WL) secures your company’s exclusivity, recognition and strong position on the market.
  • No data sharing: branded app offers your company’s services and fares ONLY. While PickmeApp displays all available services and rates of companies sharing the same operational area.
  • No order sharing: your drivers ONLY will receive jobs from the branded passenger app. With PickmeApp the order goes to the closest available driver working on our platform in the same area.
  • Extra source of new orders/clients: if you unselect "Do not provide service tо travelers" (tab Company) your drivers will also get jobs from other apps on our platform (generic PickmeApp or other brand travelling clients) in your operational area radius:

This will:

  1. bring in extra orders
  2. increase your revenue
  3. convert PickmeApp clients into your regular customers
  • More user friendly interface: “Wallet” in branded app allows to store credit cards and process payments with one button click. PickmeApp does not have a wallet. A credit card details can be introduced on "Confirm booking" screen or right before payment for the trip.
  • Your company’s contact data: “Get in touch” section of your branded passenger app has all the contact data of your company. Your clients may communicate their needs and leave feedback at any time.
  • Customisation: any CR requests are easier to process and implement within a brand.
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