Our platform is integrated with Flocash for processing card payments in the following countries:

In case one’s country is on the above list and one wants to work with Flocash as a payment processor, they should:

1. contact the Flocash team with a merchant on-boarding proposal on the following emails:

Sirak Mussie <sirak@flocash.com>


Betty Alemu <betty@flocash.com>,

Nga Pham <nga@flocash.com>

Make sure to mention that you are the Onde customer & wish to have credit card processing in mobile apps (as we provide it to the other Onde customers in Flocash).

2. ask Flocash team to switch CVV & 3DS checks offs on subsequent payments.

It can be done by Flocash team only, or by some intermediate bank. Please note, that usually, it'll take some time to disable.

3. as per instructions shared by Flocash account manager process on-boarding in your Flocash merchant account and generate API credentials.

4. create a Flocash gateway entity in your Brand panel on merchant level. Paste API keys/settings from Flocash merchant account:

5. enable Flocash gateway in MyHub for required companies.

You are welcome to consult the video on adding a payment gateway and activating it for the company.

6. do some live testing with credit cards. One may check that:

1. on trip payments with credit card;

2. driver balance and customer wallet top-ups with credit cards.

In case of any errors with card verifications or transactions emerge, kindly report to support@onde.app.

We are in a continual process of adding new countries to Flocash integrations.

There is also a list of countries that are available for integration with Flocash upon request only. The integration of such countries is processed on a billable basis. If your country is not on the list of integrated countries, please, drop us a message on support@onde.app to check the status and any fees applicable.

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