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Stripe Connect feature is ideal for instant payouts to drivers’ bank accounts.

It is a part of regular Stripe account package available to all Stripe customers. A client who has an account with Stripe has access to the feature by default.

Major Stripe Connect procedures are:

  • Stripe Connect driver onboarding

  • Stripe Connect money flow

Stripe Connect driver onboarding

1. the company opens a Stripe account and activates it in My hub.

2. the company creates a driver’s Stripe Connect account from their side for each driver registered in company within their Stripe merchant dashboard: collects a driver’s bank account details and adds the data to the related fields within each new driver Stripe Connect profile. Every driver’s Stripe Connect profile is assigned an ID.

Note: for details on creating a driver’s Stripe Connect account, please, contact Stripe support or your account manager in Stripe

3. the company writes to and requests to activate Stripe Connect for their account.

4. the company adds a driver’s Stripe Connect ID to "Documents" in a driver’s My hub profile.

Alternatively, a driver can add his Stripe Connect ID within tab “Additional documents” of their app profile. The field is editable.

Stripe Connect money flow


A company’s Stripe merchant account has to have a positive balance. The more drivers are registered with the company, the more funds should be available on the merchant account.

This precondition is mandatory as there is a time gap between a charge on a customer’s card and credit to the company's Stripe merchant account. As the transfer to a driver’s Stripe Connect account has to be instant, the funds on Company’s Stripe merchant account have to be sufficient.

Once a customer’s card is charged the funds are split and transferred as follows:

  1. chargeable driver order commission goes to the Company’s Stripe merchant account;

  2. the rest of the sum is transferred directly to the driver’s Stripe Connect account.

For example:

A customer's card is charged $10 for the trip. Driver commission is 25%: $2.5 lands on Company’s Stripe merchant account, $7.5 goes to a driver’s Stripe Connect account.

Please, take into account that Stripe fees are to be charged accordingly

To set drivers’ payouts to their bank accounts from their Stripe Connect accounts the Company has to add a payout schedule in their company’s Stripe merchant account. The funds will be paid out on a regular basis as per the payout schedule.

A company has access to all driver Stripe Connect accounts and can manage debits and credits on them manually, should this be required.

A Driver can review his Stripe Connect account balance from his Stripe Connect account cabinet or iOS app.

In case Stripe does not work in your area you are welcome to use Onde solution for driver payouts. Please, consult the post How to handle driver’s payout automatically for more details.

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