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Most drivers are inclined to browse through other applications on their device while on shift. Floating button or Bubble feature on Android allows drivers to easily switch back to their Driver app by tapping on the Bubble icon. The Bubble is elevated at the top of any other applications a driver might be using.

A driver may enable “Bubble” in their side menu:

Settings > Floating button > Enable floating button. Bubble can be turned on/off by a driver at any time.

If enabled, Bubble shows on the device screen every time a driver goes online and switches to another application. Bubble is hidden when a driver goes offline.

Bubble displays a notification about an incoming offer when a driver is online or is available for pre orders while offline.

Bubble is branded for all WL applications, i.e. that branded icon is displayed inside the Bubble.

Encourage your drivers to activate Bubble to secure easy access to the Driver app at any time!

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