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Our system uses Google maps API for both types of routes:

Driving - indicates standard driving directions using the road network (default)

Bicycling - requests bicycling directions via bicycle paths & preferred streets (where available)

Driving (car) routes are selected as default for all service types except:

1. 4 services below with bicycle routes support

Bike courier




2. Aircraft/Marine services with direct line routes support

Geo gate route data is used not only to create a proper path on the map but also for trip price estimation.

As shown on the screenshot below the Geo gate provides a different route estimation between the same pick-up and drop-off points depending on the type of route set for the service.

Geo gate uses the mode selected for the service type to build routes in driver, customer and operator app (temporarily unavailable).

Car route in operator and driver app

Bicycle route in operator and driver app

To select the route to be used for the service access My hub, proceed to tab Company Management, choose sub tab Service types, open the service you need, go to General settings and select the required mode from the two options in the dropdown list:

car route

bicycle route


Bicycle routes are available for specific regions only

When a company manager selects bicycle route for a service type they should mind that Google might not support this type of routing in the company's operational area.

The following message is generated:

“Please note that bike routes might not be supported in service type working area. Please check in the app after applying this type of route”.

When a bicycle route is not available for the area as Google Maps doesn't support it the system offers to process the order on the alternative driving route.

Learn more on other types of routes in Direct line routes for Aircraft and Marine services

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