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Our in-app chat makes customer-driver communication as smooth as one may expect!

In-app chat benefits :

  1. It is a user-friendly way of driver-customer interaction which offers an alternative to sms and phone calls

  2. It is free of charge as opposed to sms and phone calls, billable per operator tariffs

  3. It secures customer-driver personal data confidentiality as no phone numbers are revealed within chat (NB: customer and driver phone numbers are still accessible by the parties via sms and phone calls).

  4. It caters for the customers with voice and ear impediments who can not make contact via a regular phone call

  5. It temporarily stores the log of communication on this or that ride in case a reference is required later on (to be implemented in Stage 2)

In-app chat features :

- available for apps staring version 0.39.03

- accessible for both customer and driver

- a standalone call-masking alternative to regular calls/sms where customer/driver phone numbers are shown

- both driver and customer are allowed to open a conversation for trips starting from status “Accepted”

- a customer can send a message until the driver swipes ”Start the trip”

- a driver can send a message in the course of the whole trip till he “Swipes to finish” (en-route messages are shown to a customer only as push notifications)

- chat messages are duplicated as push notifications

- group chats are not allowed

- driver-customer communication is possible even if the parties do not use the apps of the same company

Stay tuned for further updates and improvement on in-app chat expected in Stage 2.

May your customer-driver communication be as pleasant as it can !

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