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At the end of the ride a customer is asked to rate his ride with a score from 1 to 5 and, optionally, leave a comment in the text box (for score 1 to 3). This type of rating secures concise and efficient feedback from the customer with minimum effort.

One may check Driver rating by customer for each order in Order report. Just download the report, apply a filter by driver credentials and review the rating for each processed order within the reporting period. The comment, if available, will show next to the rating.

Upon order acceptance a customer is shown average driver rating (for the last 30 trips) along with other relevant profile data. This provides positive user experience and helps a customer feel more secure.

Where to track driver rating:

- during the trip in Customer app

- in driver profile section of Driver app

- in Driver management section of My hub and Driver report

- in Operator app:

  1. at “Driver search” within order creation

  2. for selected driver next to driver name within order review (user comments are only shown in “Order history”)

  3. On city Map “Driver search” (for a list of drivers and a specified driver)

Driver rating calculation:

- driver rating is calculated as an average of score ratings given by the customers to the driver within the last 30 trips.

- driver rating recalculation is triggered each time a new finished order is rated.

- driver rating is kept in the range from 4 to 5. This is to avoid customer cancellations due to possible negative perception of low rating.

- driver rating is shown as a decimal with 2 digits after the delimiting dot, ex: 4.00, 4.15, 4.85, etc.

- Rating calculation formula: rating = 0,25 * Average mark for latest 30 trips + 3.75;

For those drivers who have less than 30 trips all missing trip marks are replaced with 4.90.

Driver rating is a great tool to monitor the quality of a driver's service. Those drivers whose rating is lower than expected can be switched to a less favourable driver plan, suspended, penalised or else.

Make sure to improve your fleet driver rating and provide the best service your customers can expect!

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