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At the moment the API in public access is our :

  • Operator API

  • Company API

  • Wallet API

Onde Operator API allows you to:

-create & receive orders from a third system

-collect order summary, track order updates

-search for tariffs & vehicles

Our Company API lets you get company & driver details, change driver/s balance/s, etc.

Onde Wallet API allows you to integrate new payment methods for Customer Wallet top ups on Onde platform.

If interested in checking our API options, please, advise the email address to share API documentation with.

In case you want to test our API, you are welcome to register an account in our sandbox environment.

Just follow the steps below:

1. Contact us on with the email to send a sandbox account registration invite to.

2. Check your inbox for the invitation letter “Activate your Onde account [sandbox]” and go down the link in it:

3. Tap on “My hub” to proceed.

4. Fill in all the data in “Signup your company” form and confirm by tapping “SIGN UP”.

5. Enter your mobile phone number.

6. Use “000000” as the verification code, enter your password, and tap on “CONFIRM CODE”.

Once the sandbox account is activated, driver/operator/ company manager profiles are auto-registered. You receive relevant notifications to your registration mail.

7. Download customer and driver sandbox apps to test the API.

8. Inform on Sandbox account registration for us to enable Company/Operator/Wallet API for your account.

9. As soon as Company/Operator/Wallet API activation is confirmed from our side, you may generate a User API token to test Company/Wallet API, and Operator API tokens to test Operator API.

When testing on Sandbox is done and you are willing to move the API integration to production just inform and we will enable the API for your production account with Onde.

NB: to work with Onde Company/Operator/Wallet API in production mode one has to have an active panel that comes as part of the package including the purchase of Onde branded apps.

Any questions on Company/Operator/Wallet API are welcome to

Good luck exploring all the possibilities Onde API offers!

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