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There are 2 ways to update a driver’s phone number:

  1. from driver profile in the app

  2. from driver profile in My hub

1. In case drivers are allowed to change their details (Drivers > DRIVER SETTINGS > Allow drivers to change his/her details is ticked) a driver can just access their profile and update the phone number from side menu (Profile > Personal information)

2. Driver profile number update from My hub caters for cases where “driver profile edit” is not allowed but a driver needs to be moved to a new number.

A company user with access to driver management is able to transfer a driver’s profile to a new number.

To update a driver’s number from My hub access a driver’s profile, hover over to the "more items button", select "Transfer profile " and introduce the new number that this driver's profile will be transferred to.

In this case a profile is moved to a new account created with this number. If there is already a driver with such number in your company fleet, the system will offer to delete the other driver

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