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Placing orders with customer app is easy! Let’s go through a step-by-step process of creating a sample order.

First, create or access your customer app profile with the authorisation code received to your phone number upon request.

Main screen allows you to review:

1. profile “Side menu”

2. your physical location on the map

3. vehicle availability within the minimal pick-up radius

4. option to add your first credit card

At this stage you should decide whether a service is required for now or for some time in the future.

In case you need to place a pre-order:

1. tap on the “Clock” icon at the bottom right corner of the app

2. select the day and time you need the service for

3. confirm by tapping on “Set up your order”.

After that step order placement flow is similar for both instant and pre-orders.

Let us create a booking for now!

Tap on “Book now” to start setting your order up.

On the second screen your physical location is set as “Pick-up” by default. However, in case you need a different Pick-up address just tap on the field and update it in the address line or “Set point on map”.

After that, add the drop-off by tapping on “Drop-off address” field (the step can be skipped in case drop-off is not set as “required” by the service provider).

Start writing the drop-off address and select it from the offered drop-down list or, alternatively, set drop-off by “Point on the map”.

In case the added drop-off is not a final destination address but an intermediate stop tap on “+” to add a final drop-off or another en-route stop.

You may add a maximum of 3 addresses within Multiple drop-off feature. Please, mind that every added stop becomes the “new” final drop-off making the previously added drop-off an intermediate stop.

All added intermediate drop-offs are placed as overlapping layers on the screen and can be opened for review.

Next step is to select the tariff you need, so that it is marked with a “green” frame. Tap yet again on the pre-selected tariff to check full tariff details.

In case multiple payment methods are allowed you may also pre-define how you are willing to pay. Just tick the preferable payment method within the list of available ones.

Once you have specified the tariff and the preferred payment method tap on “Set pick up”.

On the final screen you can also add any “Order notes” you are willing to submit to the driver. Just tap on the “Notes” icon in the left bottom corner of the screen and fill in the offered fields.

Before submitting the order make sure to verify if the “Pick-up location” is correct. You may tap on the “Go back arrow” icon to change it.

Just start typing the new pick-up and select the address from the drop-down list off offered places or “Set point on map”.

Now that all is good: the tariff, the pick-up and drop-off and the final estimation/fixed cost just proceed with “Confirm order” and the booking is sent to drivers as per intelligent queue algorithm The system keeps you informed on driver search and order being accepted.

All you have to do now is wait for the assigned driver to get to the pick-up.

The app keeps track of the driver’s vehicle and informs you on the arrival.

From the moment the order is accepted by the driver (refer to the above screens) you can:

1. go over driver vehicle details

2. contact the driver - make a direct call or write a message (available only until the driver swipes to start the trip)

3. add coupon - just add a coupon so that the discount for the ride applies

4. check “Order details”

5. cancel order

6. use SOS button for emergency calls

You may review “Order details”: driver/vehicle data, pick-up/drop-off addresses, company phone number on the screen once the order is accepted until the driver “swipes to finish” the trip.

You can cancel the order at any stage from the moment it is created until the moment the driver “swipes to start the trip”.

Just select a proper cancellation reason and beware that a cancellation fee might apply.

You are welcome to add coupon at any stage once the order is assigned until the moment the driver “swipes to finish” the trip.

SOS button is displayed the instant the order is sent to drivers till the trip is completed and paid for.

It allows to contact a company’s emergency number (if available) or a personal emergency number (in case added to profile).

When in the car and the driver has “swiped to start” the trip customer app screen displays:

1. life time track from pick-up to the next point/drop-off

2. option to add tips (in case default tip is not added) or change tip amount

Mind that tips are automated for tariffs on card payments only as the rest of the cases allow manual tipping.

The app notifies you once the driver is close to drop-off. After the driver “swipes to finish” the trip and confirms the final cost you are offered to select the payment method (in case cash or terminal are pre-selected) or the card is auto charged (if available and no payment method is pre-selected before the trip).

The final screen offers you to view finished “Order details” and rate your trip experience.

All the past trips receipts as well as planned orders are stored chronologically in “My orders” sub tab of your profile. Just tap on “More items” button at the top left corner of your app and select “My orders”.

A driver’s phone number is available in in-app trip receipts for past trips within the next 30 min after an order. This is for cases where a customer might have forgotten some belongings in the car during the ride or else. Beyond 30 minutes the customer can only contact the company.

In case you added an email to your profile you will also get a trip summary to it after each order you make.

We hope you have a pleasant and safe user experience with our customer app!

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