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Driver and customer suspend tweak is a “Cool down” feature aimed at regulating unlimited order cancellations for both parties. This is a server config with preset conditions applicable to all platform users.

“Cool down” restricts the number of cancellations for driver and customer allowed within a period of time. If the limit is exceeded a driver or a customer is banned from using the app until the “suspension” is lifted by the system.

“Cool down” preconditions:

  • If a driver cancels 5 orders in a row within 1 hour he/she is “suspended” for next 4 hours.

  • If a customer cancels 5 orders in a row within 1 hour he/she is “suspended” for next 4 hours.

  • Pre-order cancellations are included into the total allowance of cancelled orders after which the “suspension” is applied

“Cool down” warning:

Driver/customer app will show an in-app notification “Too many cancelations".

The “suspension warning” is shown to both parties (app version 0.34 and up) after 2nd cancellation onwards, with counter decreasing to 0.

“Cool down” status notification:

A driver in "cool down" status is not able to start the shift.

The app will show a notification: “Too many cancelations. Try again later. Orders suspended until ... "

A customer in “cool down” status is not able to place an order.

A pop up message “Orders suspended until ... Too many cancelations. Try again later” will be shown on the main screen at the attempt to press on “Set pick up”.

Pre-order rules for customers and drivers in “cool down” status:

  • if a driver is switched to“cool down” status all his/her accepted pre-orders are canceled and returned to the auto-search pool.

  • if a customers is switched to “cool down” status his/her pre-orders are NOT cancelled but remain active.


if a driver is suspended through My Hub all his/her accepted pre-orders are cancelled regardless of pre-order timeline and return to the auto search pool.

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