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A customer may have an extra agenda to attend to en route from A to B pre planned even before the trip.

In our platform this is covered by the option to add intermediate stops for trips. The feature is handy as:

  • a driver may plan order route in advance

  • the system provides trip cost calculation and route from A to B with the account of intermediate drop-offs

  • an extra drop-off is a sort of “stop-watch” which locks taxi meter without discontinuing the order

Intermediate stops are added at the stage of "New order" generation.

A maximum of 3 intermediate drop-offs can be added one by one.

Customer app order with multiple drop-off :

Operator app order with multiple drop-off :

The number of Intermediate drop-offs is fixed from the moment the booking is sent into auto search and not editable since then.

A driver may review additional drop-offs for orders on the "New offer" screen.

A driver has to swipe to confirm arrival to the intermediate drop-off and “Swipe to move to next point” following the same logic till the end of the trip.

There is no time limit of “standby mode” at the intermediate drop-off. The trip is “on hold” until the driver swipes to resume it. This is, of course, unless the order expires due to connection loss/internet issue/etc.

Additional drop-offs are aimed at pre-setting en-route stops for a customer. They can be used to drop off co-travelling customers. However, the trip cost is to be covered at the end of the trip by the customer who placed the booking. Ride-sharing is not integral within our platform.

Trip cost calculation for orders with intermediate drop-offs is similar to that of regular trips with A to B routes. It is based on an optimal route provision by Google for the whole trip with the inclusion of extra drop-offs, i.e.:

  • fixed cost for multiple drop-off trips is set from the moment the route is calculated before dispatching the order and stays fixed regardless of route or time on the ride.

  • final cost for multiple drop-off taximeter trips (estimated cost trips) is based on the total sum of calculations in between all stops en-route.

Intermediate drop-offs (addresses) are logged in:

- recent jobs receipts in Customer and Driver apps

- trip summary sent to all parties (if profiles have verified emails)

- operator app order log

- order details in Order reports will show the number of intermediate drop-offs for the trip if included (for ex: 2)

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