Additional fee is aimed at covering any additional charges associated with local policies and regulations such as VAT, tax etc.

To set additional fee rules proceed to tab Service types > specific Service type > Fee settings > Additional fee

Additional fee type can be:

On top

By default “Additional fee type” is set as “None”. This means that no extra charges are added to the trip cost. In this case the fields to set fee “name” and “value” are disabled.

If “Additional fee type” is set as “Including” the fee is included into the trip cost.
It is registered as a notification (Ex: Additional fee 10%, VAT is included into trip cost)
in the following:

- service type fares in passenger app
-at estimation before the booking (for passengers and operators)
-in trip receipts and Trip history (for passengers, drivers, operators and company)

On top:
In case “Additional fee type” is set as “On top” the fee is added to trip cost.
Fee notification will show to passengers/drivers/operators before the trip and is registered as an extra line in Trip receipts/booking history for passengers, drivers, operators and company. For ex: “Additional fee 10%, VAT is added on top of the trip cost” 

Additional fee metrics are added with in fields:

Additional fee name : any custom name
Additional fee value : any value in percent within  0 - 100% range

Additional fee is covered by passengers.
This means that Driver commission is charged from the final cost of the trip excluding additional fee. Driver balance is credited with full trip cost including additional fee.

Additional fee in passenger app

Additional fee in Driver app

Additional fee in dispatch panel

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