Onde has an exclusive passenger account concept. It’s aimed at providing the best user experience to a passenger registered with any apps on Onde platform. 

A passenger’s account in Onde is linked to a unique phone number and email. A user may travel the world with one app and get served by partner apps whose services are open to travellers

Moreover, a passenger may register a profile with several partner apps on Onde platform using the same account credentials: phone number and email.

The following account data gets synced for several passenger profiles:

-passenger name 

-passenger profile photo

-promo codes (for both companies)

-wallet with credit cards

-past bookings in “My bookings” tab

This logic in no way bridges a partner app company’s data confidentiality or disturbs brand identity concept. 

It's a client's right to register a profile with as many companies as they see fit. Synchronising profiles data is in line with easy data management within single user account.

A passenger with several profiles linked to one account has to access a certain branded app profile to:

- review a company’s fares 

- book a company’s services

- use promo codes applicable for a company’s services 

Trip history receipts in passenger account has general data on trips taken. No specifics on company fares or driver credentials are stored.

Steps to manage a passenger’s profile data are provided in the Passenger profile number and email update post.

To disable a passenger’s profile consult the article How to delete a passenger’s profile.


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