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Direct credit card top up is the fastest and most efficient way to cover your company monthly subscription fees as compared to wire transfer which takes 3 to 5 business days.

Consult the article How to add funds to your account for balance top up flow and account suspension logic.


However, sometimes, the card is rejected and the panel generates an “Error”

Credit card top ups may fail due to limits or anti fraud regulations set by the issuing bank. Contacting your issuing bank to check that there are no restrictions from their side is the first step.

Most frequent reasons for failed credit card top ups are:

1. there are not enough funds on the card

2. the bank does not allow transfer of funds to international accounts

3. you have surpassed your limit of online payments for this month.

Once you have excluded all the above and the error still persists, submit the issue to (for Lolo: with the following data:

1. last 4 digits of the card 

2. date and time of top up attempt 

3. screenshot of the error with open browser console

To open a dedicated browser console:

-tap on the right button of your computer mouse

-choose "Inspect"

-choose “Console”

-try to make a payment and make a clear screenshot

Sample of the error with open console:


If you use a debit card make sure that card balance is positive and bigger than the sum of the top up. One can not go below "0" with a debit card.

If the error message states: "the bank does not approve the transaction. Kindly contact the bank", please, address the issue to your card issuing bank. 

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