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At the stage of branded app development testing the system in Demo mode is the best way to learn it inside-out and prepare for an efficient launch.

For a smooth transfer to production mode you may get ready with the following:

  1. Add all data in “Company settings” tab

  2. Configure service types

  3. Register drivers 

  4. Register operators

Once your branded apps are published on stores, linked to My Hub and monthly Tariff plan is set it's time to move your account to Production.

Just select “LAUNCH SERVICE” and proceed as per stepwise instruction.


Make sure to check the following before launching operations:

  1. Company currency 

  2. Tariff plan 

When My Hub is moved to production the following data gets annulled:

  1. driver plans (drivers have to be put on newly created subscriptions)

  2. driver balances and transactions (balances are brought to a zero)

  3. referral programs

  4. analytics data 

  5. reports 

Driver data (profile, vehicle and documents) remain intact. Driver status in panel is changed from “Active” to “Invited”. Drivers just have to log into their apps to reconfirm their active status. 

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